Why Roman Emperor Constantine Is 666

Theories about the man who bears this number are wide and incorporate things like that of the Pope, in view of his title. Following my resurrection and solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe numerous dreams were given to me during a period of incredible learning. One such vision was while dressing one morning when the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 showed up in enormous dark letters before my eyes. It was never at the forefront of my thoughts preceding that time.

The realities are that even the name Constantine was practically unfamiliar to me. Driven then to the reference book some simple research before long uncovered why this head is the Second Beast of Revelation.

The primary name that the book opened at was Constantius, who was his dad. Next thing uncovered was that his mom was the little girl of a fish-monger and that Constantine was conceived and raised in England. That implies he was English by birth and not Roman. That was essential to know in the light of what pursued.

The riddle would have been effectively settled were it not for a peculiar contort. The Spirit drove me to the Assyrian letters in order numbering framework before demonstrating to me that Constantius and Constantine are both Constant in English. That implies that the Latter is Constant II yet for what reason was the Assyrian letter set utilized to give him the number 666.

To comprehend that implied heading off to the core of the Roman relocation from Assyria. Following them right back to Babylon it wound up obvious that what rose up out of that city was a race of individuals called the Amor (Amorites). They were in charge of the Persian Empire.

Further research demonstrated their ruthlessness as victors and how they were in charge of the fall of Egypt into their hands. They were Islamic and admirers of the sun and they brought this religion with them into the Mediterranean locales where they manufactured their next capital city, Roma (turn around Amor). The Assyrian Amorites turned into the Romans.

This seemed to crash all hint of their past history however the Spirit drove me into huge numbers of the incredible secrets to indicate how it enabled Constantine to do his work. In 325 AD he set up the Roman Catholic Church and concocted Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:12-18). He put Mary, the Mother God of Babylon (the sun) into it as the Mother of God.

The numbering arrangement of the Assyrian letters in order applies to his name since he was of that nationality by drop. He was additionally Islamic by religion and when his name as Constant II is included it comes to 666. Right now English is the most broadly utilized language and it is proper to disentangle the riddle. It is additionally through the Internet that the appropriate responses are unreservedly accessible for all individuals all over the place.

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